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Datasheet: Tetra II EGT&CHT
for 4-Cylinder Aircraft Engines 
The Tetra II is a top of the line systems that provide EGT and CHT monitoring on 4 cylinders.  (note there are multi-engine versions of the Tetra, consult factory)

4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine EGT/CHT Instrument, click for datasheet 

The Tetra II. The Tetra II is an EGT/CHT selectable instrument that has 4 vertical analog needle displays to monitor combustion in all 4 cylinders simultaneously. Since there are no switches to turn you have the full engine temp picture at once. The EGT/CHT scale control allows all 4 pointers to be aligned in flight, hence any engine temp changes will be immediately apparent.   

Why use Tetra II? 
Engine performance is a function of fuel-air ratio.  Tetra II allows you to adjust the mixture properly by responding to exhaust gas temperature (EGT) readings as they reflect fuel-air ratio. 

EGT/CHT measurement and response settings are simple on the Tetra II expanded scale, which covers 250° F in 25° increments. 

At constant throttle setting, a variation in mixture will cause the EGT to rise and fall -- with the peak EGT occurring when the fuel-air ratio is chemically correct. 

Engine manufacturers recommend the EGT be used for continuous operation be set at least 25°F below the peak EGT, preferably enriching the mixture.  

Maximum available power is attained by enriching the mixture for an EGT drop of 100°F below the peak. 

In this way, you choose between fuel economy or maximum available power, or any intermediate condition

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